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Cultivating Growth and Innovation in Multifamily with Heather Williams

In this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, hosted by Carrie Antrim, we have the pleasure of welcoming Heather Williams, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Willow Bridge Property Company. Heather shares her journey and the various factors that have contributed to her remarkable success in the multifamily industry.

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Meet the Sponsors Series – Trends and Insights in the Multifamily Industry with MRI Software

In this episode, host Carrie Antrim engages Katie Battig and Liz Findura from MRI Software in a nuanced discussion about the company’s initiatives in fraud prevention and their exploration of AI technology within the real estate sector. While AI often floats around as an industry buzzword, the conversation delves into how MRI Software is actively incorporating it as a tool aimed at supporting organizational efficiency.

multifamily women podcast jennifer carter

Empathy & Innovation: The Dual Engines of Multifamily Success with Jennifer Carter

In today’s episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim sits down with Jennifer Carter, the Customer Advocacy Manager at HappyCo, to delve into the twin pillars of empathy and innovation that are transforming the multifamily industry. Jennifer’s rich cross-industry background empowers her with unparalleled insights, and today she’s sharing them exclusively with you.

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The Future of Multifamily: An Insider’s View with RealPage Industry Principals

On today’s episode, host Carrie Antrim talked with Krista Hurley and Talisa Dever who are both seasoned Industry Principals at RealPage. When it comes to leveraging technology to drive efficiencies and increase ROI, these women are the go-to authority. They have been instrumental in shaping innovative strategies that have not just disrupted but transformed the way we think about property management and resident engagement.

Multifamily Women® Podcast
Multifamily Women® Podcast
Carrie Antrim

The Multifamily Women® Podcast will explore insightful discussions on the importance of not only elevating women in leadership but also becoming mentors and helping shape the future of the Multifamily industry. As technology advances at rapid pace, you will hear from top experts on the ever-evolving roles women play in multifamily organizations, how they got started in the industry, roadblocks they’ve faced along the way, and what they’re doing now to build and strengthen their current organizations.