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Multifamily Innovation® Council Welcomes Jayde McGivern, Director of Systems at RedPeak

Scottsdale, Arizona – February 21, 2024 — The Multifamily Innovation® Council is proud to announce that Jayde McGivern, a seasoned professional deeply dedicated to pioneering property management systems, has joined the ranks of its esteemed council members. With Jayde’s membership, the Council continues to uphold its commitment to driving innovation and operational excellence in the multifamily industry.

At RedPeak Real Estate, Jayde plays a pivotal role as the overseer of Information Technology. With a rich history spanning 22 years, RedPeak Real Estate has established itself as a prominent player in the Denver and Metro areas, boasting a portfolio of 3300 units. Jayde, a proven and hands-on technology leader, brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Jayde brings to the council a genuine passion for innovation, coupled with over a decade of property management experience. Her proven expertise in software implementation and project management has led to noteworthy advancements in operational efficiency and digital transformation at RedPeak. As the Director of Systems and a pivotal figure in the company’s Innovation Committee, she has been instrumental in formulating best practices that streamline company policies and enhance data integrity.

“It’s an honor to join the Multifamily Innovation® Council. Being a part of this signifies more than just a personal achievement; it represents a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the multifamily industry,” said McGivern. “Now, as a member of this esteemed council, I am thrilled to contribute my experience and insights to shape the future of property management. This platform allows me to collaborate with other industry leaders, sharing best practices and pioneering strategies that will drive multifamily forward.”

Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Council and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, Patrick Antrim, expressed his enthusiasm for Jayde’s addition to the council, “Having Jayde join the Multifamily Innovation® Council is a significant milestone for us. Jayde’s remarkable track record at RedPeak, especially in driving operational efficiency and spearheading digital transformation, aligns perfectly with the ethos and vision of our council. Her extensive experience and proactive approach in integrating technology with management practices are exactly the qualities we seek in our members.”

Jayde’s background is rich in diverse operational and technological roles which have shaped her into an exceptional asset for RedPeak. Her educational prowess, holding a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Management from Berea College, enhances her ability to leverage technology for efficient management practices. Jayde thrives in dynamic environments, utilizing her excellent communication, writing, and project management skills to manage multiple initiatives and lead cross-functional teams effectively.

Her strengths in providing best-in-class software support, diagnosing and resolving critical issues, and implementing change management processes solidify her as a key contributor to the Council’s mission of fostering trusted circles of prosperity within the multifamily industry.

About Multifamily Innovation® Council:
The Multifamily Innovation® Council is an executive level membership organization dedicated to the pursuit of the profitable Multifamily Company. We are uniquely positioned to focus on the intersection of Leadership, Technology, and Innovation. The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council serves as a hub for visionary leaders committed to shaping the future of the multifamily industry. 

For more information, visit https://multifamilyinnovation.com/council/

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Multifamily Innovation® Council Welcomes Esteemed Industry Leader Tina West

Scottsdale, AZ – Multifamily Leadership proudly welcomes Tina West, Executive Vice President at Sares Regis Group, as the newest member of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. 

Tina West, a highly accomplished figure in the multifamily property management industry, has joined the prestigious Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, bringing with her a wealth of experience and strategic insight. Known for her high-energy, results-oriented leadership, West’s addition will enhance the collective expertise of industry leaders driving innovation in multifamily housing.

Currently at the helm of launching a national multifamily property management service, West has held pivotal roles in the industry, notably as a former Chief Operating Officer overseeing 40,000 units under third-party management in Texas, as well as launching multiple verticals with firms like Monarch Group and LMC. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years, West’s visionary strategies and hands-on approach have significantly impacted operations, client relationships, and overall industry growth.

Patrick Antrim, Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, expressed excitement about West’s inclusion: “Tina West is a remarkable addition to our esteemed council. Her extensive background in strategic leadership, team development, and innovative solutions aligns seamlessly with our mission to drive multifamily innovation forward. We eagerly anticipate her contributions.”

During her recent tenure as Executive Vice President  for the West Region, West managed a portfolio of 110,000 units from Texas to CA, showcasing her proficiency in driving growth and fostering high-performance teams. Her expertise in staffing, leading teams , and bottom-line profit generation has been instrumental in establishing industry benchmarks.

“I am honored to join the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and contribute to shaping the future of our industry,” remarked West. “Being part of the Innovation Council not only allows me to learn and strategize from some of the best in the industry but my goal is to add value and give back to others from my own lessons learned.”

West’s focus on innovative ideas that drive sales and establish brand leadership in the marketplace aligns perfectly with the council’s ethos of fostering innovation and collaboration within the multifamily industry.

About Multifamily Innovation® Council:
The Multifamily Innovation® Council is an executive level membership organization dedicated to the pursuit of the profitable Multifamily Company. We are uniquely positioned to focus on the intersection of leadership, Technology, and Innovation.The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council serves as a hub for visionary leaders committed to shaping the future of the multifamily industry. 

For more information, visit https://multifamilyinnovation.com/council/

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Strategic Innovator Heather Williams Brings Expertise to Multifamily Innovation® Council

December 20, 2023 – Scottsdale, AZ — Multifamily Leadership proudly welcomes Heather Williams, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Willow Bridge Property Company, as the newest member of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. Heather brings extensive experience and a forward-thinking approach to the council, enhancing the collective expertise of industry leaders shaping the future of multifamily housing.

At Willow Bridge Property Company, formerly known as Lincoln Property Company’s residential division, Heather oversees strategic solutions for over 75,000 units during her 16-year tenure. Her profound industry experience positions her uniquely to contribute invaluable insights to the Council.

Patrick Antrim, Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, expressed his enthusiasm about the new addition: “Heather Williams is a phenomenal asset to the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. Her deep understanding of strategic solutions and technology implementation in the multifamily sector aligns perfectly with our mission. Heather’s innovative mindset and proven track record in enhancing resident experiences through technology will be invaluable in our continuous effort to advance the industry.”

Heather spearheads the programming aspect of technology across 9 states across the Southeast Region. She directly oversees the Southeast digital strategy, pre-development programming, and technology departments, meticulously crafting successful and measurable platforms for client success.

“I love technology,” Heather shares. “I’m always one of those people that wants to try things and beta test anything I can get my hands on.” Her passion for technology, coupled with a background in education, fuels her dedication to training and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

With a goal to bridge the gap between operations and marketing, Heather aims to explore innovative approaches to deploying technology that resonate across different generations, contributing to a more integrated living experience.

“Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, the current market is redefining the need to focus on maximizing efficiency and navigating changing regulations being enacted across the country,” stated Kerry W. Kirby, Chair of Technology Initiatives for the Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council. “It is critical for industry leaders to collaborate, exchange ideas, and rethink operating models together. The council provides that structured platform, which is designed to transform, innovate, and set the stage for future success. Heather will be a valuable addition to our members, we are excited to have her join our prestigious group of thought-leaders.”

Heather emphasizes, “Innovation and technology are the architects of a better life. At Willow Bridge, we leverage these tools not just to stay ahead, but to sculpt an elevated resident experience, where every advancement contributes to a richer, more connected community.”

Council members benefit from Heather’s expertise, gaining insights into deploying technology effectively while bridging operational and marketing strategies. Her insights and dedication to improving the resident experience will undoubtedly elevate the industry’s standards.

About Multifamily Innovation® Council: The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council serves as a hub for visionary leaders committed to shaping the future of the multifamily industry. Through representation, inspiration, and support, the council fosters innovation, collaboration, and advancement within the multifamily sector. For more information, visit https://multifamilyinnovation.com/council/

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Unlocking Value in Multifamily: The Pfister Advantage in Design and Utility

As part of our Multifamily Women® Summit, we share time with innovative brands as part of our “Meet the Sponsors” series that showcases those brands that are supporting the platform to advance technology, innovation, leadership, and investments.

This episode features a discussion with Shannon Irby, the National Account Manager for New Construction at Pfister Faucets. Pfister is a brand that actively supports the platform, promoting technology and innovation within the industry.

Renowned globally for their product innovation, design, and value, Pfister’s designers are based in California, surrounded by forward-thinking designs from various industries such as automotive, aeronautics, computers, and fashion. By following trends in fashion, home design, and car manufacturing, among others, Pfister crafts new and exciting products.

Pfister also prioritizes practical innovation, ensuring their multifamily products are easy to install, clean, and use in everyday life. Working closely with multifamily developers and owners, Pfister tailors their offerings to each customer’s needs, whether that means providing a wide range of options or simplifying the selection process. In essence, Pfister is a full-service manufacturer that offers a diverse range of products, from entry-level to designer custom products for multifamily developers and owners.

[00:05:13] Push and Seal drain innovation for multifamily properties.
[00:06:03] Practical innovation for everyday life using Pfister Faucets and other multifamily products.
[00:10:02] Pfister’s origin story.
[00:13:14] American Plumber Stories – Pfister’s Web Series.
[00:17:55] Inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Shannon Irby Email: [email protected]
Shannon Irby LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-irby-9a1039a/
Pfister Faucets: https://www.pfisterfaucets.com/
American Plumber Series: https://www.americanplumberstories.com/

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Driving Change in Multifamily: Angela Flick on Adapting and Innovating

On this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim speaks with Angela Flick, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Mack Property Management. Angela has extensive experience in the industry, having worked for Greystar, Riverstone Residential Group, and ConAm Management. Angela is a member of the Multifamily Innovation® Council and loves talking about prop-tech and innovation.

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Lloyd Companies VP, Ashley Lipp, Joins Industry-Leading Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council

March 8, 2023 – Scottsdale, AZ — Multifamily Leadership is pleased to announce Ashley Lipp, Vice President of Residential Property Operations at Lloyd Companies, has joined the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. This esteemed council is made up of industry leaders and innovators who come together to share their expertise and insights on the multifamily industry.

Lipp states, “I’m excited to join this group of multifamily professionals which has already proven to offer invaluable insight on the opportunities and challenges our industry faces. I have connected with several new colleagues and believe the networking opportunities this group offers will greatly benefit both my professional growth and Lloyd Companies as a whole.”

As a member of the council, Lipp will provide valuable insight and expertise in the multifamily industry, bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Lipp leads the Residential Property Management team at Lloyd Companies, overseeing more than 8,500 multi-family units in the portfolio.

“Ashley is already a vital member of our Council, and we are thrilled to have her expertise and contributions to the industry,” said Chairman, Patrick Antrim. “We have no doubt that she will bring valuable insights and ideas to the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council.”

Lipp is passionate about helping others achieve their professional goals and development, and is dedicated to empowering her team at Lloyd Companies. In her role as Vice President, she guides the Residential Property Management team in all of their functions and leads the vision, operations, and training for the division.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Lipp is dedicated to her personal interests and enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as playing competitive sports. She received her education from the University of South Dakota, where she studied Contemporary Media & Journalism. 

Council members enjoy access to weekly meetings, a private community, and an annual in-person summit, as well as the opportunity to share insights and learn from a diverse group of successful multifamily owners and operators. Membership is open to those who own or manage multifamily apartments with 1,500+ units under management.

“It’s not just about technology,” said Antrim. “It’s about the processes, leadership, and innovation required to make the business better. We are excited to continue supporting our members as they build and scale their businesses, and we welcome new members to join us in driving innovation in the multifamily industry.”

For more information about the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, please visit https://multifamilyinnovation.com/multifamily-innovation-advisory-council/.

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Multifamily Women® Summit to Recognize the Top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women

December 9, 2019, Scottsdale, AZ – Multifamily Leadership, producers of the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit in November and the Multifamily Women’s Summit in March, announced they would be releasing the top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women. This is an exciting new list based on data gathered from the research conducted through the national Best Places to Work Multifamily® program. 

How Diane Batayeh Makes Innovation A Part Of Doing Business

Village Green is committed to putting people into housing that meets their needs, desires, and budget. They are also dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.  Their use of innovation reflects this dedication. How does Village Green juggle Innovative business processes with social responsibility and customer service? I sought out Diane Batayeh, CEO of Village Green, to get her feedback on the subject.