5 Key Takeaways From a Summit Full of High Level Multifamily Women

Multifamily Women® Summit 2021 Event Recap

After all the registrations, event marketing and bag stuffing – the Multifamily Women® Summit took off and soared this past week leaving many full of inspiration, personal growth and newfound connections!

We laughed, we cried, we got a little sweaty (thanks to our Day 1 Experience) and we even turned things upside down this year. Literally.

Multifamily Women® Summit to Recognize the Top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women

December 9, 2019, Scottsdale, AZ – Multifamily Leadership, producers of the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit in November and the Multifamily Women’s Summit in March, announced they would be releasing the top 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily® for Women. This is an exciting new list based on data gathered from the research conducted through the national Best Places to Work Multifamily® program. 

How Diane Batayeh Makes Innovation A Part Of Doing Business

Village Green is committed to putting people into housing that meets their needs, desires, and budget. They are also dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.  Their use of innovation reflects this dedication. How does Village Green juggle Innovative business processes with social responsibility and customer service? I sought out Diane Batayeh, CEO of Village Green, to get her feedback on the subject.