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Melanie French Joins the Multifamily Innovation® Council, Paving the Way for Future Real Estate Innovators

Scottsdale, Arizona – April 12, 2024 – The Multifamily Innovation® Council proudly announces the addition of Melanie French, an esteemed multifamily executive and CEO of RR Living, to its executive-level membership organization. Bringing over two decades of industry experience and leadership, French stands poised to contribute her vast expertise towards advancing the mission of the Council.

Melanie French is recognized within the multifamily industry for her authentic leadership and dedication to creating success stories that transcend properties and assets, integrating the achievements of teams, leaders, and entire companies. As CEO of RR Living, French steers the direction of a sprawling portfolio encompassing almost 16,000 units, her strategies focusing on driving organizational growth and sustaining industry excellence.

Her career encompasses significant tenures with industry powerhouses, including Cortland and Aimco, where her role as an executive leader has led to pivotal growth trajectories. Highly sought as a speaker, French’s thought leadership has inspired many. Alongside her contributions to the Multifamily Innovation® Council, Melanie’s commitment to professional enrichment and community engagement shines through her multiple prestigious memberships, including CPM, CHIEF, the Forbes Business Council, and her advisory role for Entryway.

Melanie expressed her excitement about joining the Multifamily Innovation® Council with the following statement: “It is an honor to be a part of the Multifamily Innovation® Council where I can continue to contribute meaningfully to the industry I love, while paving the way for our future innovators, entrepreneurs and change leaders in real estate and multifamily.”

As her accolades precede her, French’s areas of strength position her to be a key contributor to the Council’s initiatives. Her experience harnesses the transformative power of leadership development, effective property management strategies, and her nuanced grasp of the multifamily industry complements the Council’s vision of fostering innovation and profitability.

Patrick Antrim, Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Council, and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, states, “Melanie’s unwavering commitment to multifamily excellence reflects the core mission of the Council. Her strategic insight and results-driven approach will invigorate our collective pursuit of business optimization and technological leadership. We welcome Melanie’s partnership and expertise as instrumental in shaping the future of our industry.”

The Multifamily Innovation® Council serves as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to address and navigate the multifamily landscape’s complexities. It is committed to innovation that positively impacts the bottom line, enhances employee experiences, and sustains demand for companies.

Melanie French’s addition to the Council underscores its steadfast resolve to empower industry executives in their continuous journey towards professional and personal growth, promoting innovation, competitiveness, and success.

The Multifamily Innovation® Council invites other multifamily executives to join a network of trust, shared knowledge, and personal development. To learn more about the Council and how to get involved, please visit

About Multifamily Innovation® Council:

The Multifamily Innovation® Council is an executive level membership organization dedicated to the pursuit of the profitable Multifamily Company. We focus on the intersection of leadership, technology, AI, and Innovation. We value results and collaboration for Multifamily Business leaders seeking to unlock value within their organizations to create better experiences and drive profitability.

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Patrick Antrim
Chairman, Multifamily Innovation® Council
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