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Innovations in Apartment Searching: A Chat with Marcia Bollinger from

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It’s where Multifamily Innovation, technology, Investments, and Leaders converge.

As part of our Multifamily Women® Summit, we share time with innovative brands as part of our “Meet the Sponsors” series that showcases those brands that are supporting the platform to advance not only technology and innovation, but the women who are making all of that possible.

If you haven’t registered for the Multifamily Women® Summit yet, now is the time. Go here to grab your ticket. is an online rental marketplace for the multifamily industry. Its intuitive name and innovative features, such as drawing a search area on the map, have kept it as a popular way to find apartments for decades.

One of the biggest expenses for multifamily properties is finding new residents and moving them in. Speeding up the process can save an investment’s bottom line.

In this episode, we covered:

  • How 45,000 surveyed renters want to view the property while looking online
  • The changes that have happened to the online apartment searching experience in the last two years
  • What does to get new, qualified residents for properties fast
  • How matches the experience for future residents with the experience for properties
  • Why Marcia loves the Multifamily Women Summit as a way to celebrate the successes of women in multifamily

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