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The Future of Multifamily: An Insider’s View with RealPage Industry Principals

On today’s episode, host Carrie Antrim talked with Krista Hurley and Talisa Dever who are both seasoned Industry Principals at RealPage. When it comes to leveraging technology to drive efficiencies and increase ROI, these women are the go-to authority. They have been instrumental in shaping innovative strategies that have not just disrupted but transformed the way we think about property management and resident engagement.

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Bridging The Gap Between Operational Performance And Financial Impact With Amber Tran

In this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim interviews Amber Tran, Product Designer at Vizibly. This episode is part of our “Meet the Sponsors” Series where we get to know the brands creating the most forward-thinking innovations in software and technology to offer solutions for multifamily property management and ownership to become more efficient and successful.

Amber shares her insights on user-centered design and how it can be applied to the world of multifamily property management. She discusses her role at Vizibly and the importance of designing experiences that add value to the end user.

The success of a design or product in property management is measured by its ability to provide a user experience that caters to the needs of property managers. Amber emphasizes the importance of a simplified user interface that is still complex enough for power users, aiming to strike a balance where technology is useful and enhances property managers’ efficiency.

Technology is not meant to replace jobs but rather to support and enhance human efficiency. Amber addresses the fear that technology will replace jobs, clarifying that it is more of a transition. The purpose of technology in this context is to provide property managers and on-site teams with more time to focus on building relationships.

While technology can automate tasks and streamline processes, it cannot replace the human touch and understanding necessary in property management. The goal of technology is to give property managers more time and enable them to be faster and more efficient. The success of a design or product in this context is measured by its ability to improve outcomes, processes, and user experience.

[00:01:43] Being a product designer in the multifamily industry.
[00:06:01] Designing for different user groups.
[00:07:18] Fail fast and learn fast.
[00:12:08] User-friendly multifamily budgeting with Vizibly.
[00:15:48] Software design and budgeting.
[00:19:36] Decision intelligence and user feedback with Vizibly.
[00:23:16] Budgeting stages and user feedback.
[00:26:10] Multifamily Women® Leadership Series.

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