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Empowering Multifamily Management: MRI Software’s Commitment to Seamless Solutions

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MRI Software has been in the PropTech industry for over five decades and  is a provider of real estate software solutions that redefine the way communities live, work and play.  The MRI platform assists Multifamily owners, operators, and occupiers in innovating in quickly evolving markets. Based outside Cleveland, Ohio, MRI Software serves more than two million users worldwide with offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

In this episode, we covered:

  • 51 years ago, MRI started out as a real estate finance company. They are now a well-known real-estate software company that is committed to providing operators in the multifamily space with solutions to give them more time in the day to work on expanding their business.
  • MRI provides standalone or agnostic solutions for background checks, insurance policies, package delivery, rent payment methods, and calling technology for multifamily properties worldwide.
  • All MRI solutions can function independently or be linked into current client technology platforms, saving owners and investors from having to overhaul their existing systems and enabling seamless integration.
  • According to Andrea and Lori, MRI is assisting in the prevention of fraud with Checkpoint ID, which gives multifamily owners and operators detailed information to safeguard employees and property management from fraudulent residents. Additionally, MRI can help ensure that residents maintain their insurance coverage and do not cancel it once they have their keys in hand.
  • Andrea and Lori state that clients of MRI are relieved by the company’s ability to offer so many alternatives that reduce labor expenses, handle difficult conversations with prospective residents regarding background checks, and give staff members more time to concentrate on other elements of the property.
  • Lori and Andrea are thrilled to be attending the Multifamily Women® Summit, as it  aligns with the fundamentals of MRI. Seven out of the seventeen members of the MRI Leadership team are women, and they value the opportunity to encourage and recognize other female professionals in the field. In addition, MRI has established an open-to-all Women and Allies club where members can discuss business-related topics and offer their opinions on readings as related to the multifamily industry. 

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Connect with Andrea Matheny, Vice President of Residential Sales and Lori Lord, Sales Director at MRI Software. 

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