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Behind the Wires: Making Sense of Multifamily Telecom Contracts with CCNG

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The purpose of Cable Contract Negotiation Group, or CCNG, is to assist Multifamily owners and stakeholders in making the best decision for their community regarding video, Internet, and phone (i.e., “telecom”) services delivered to residents, according to Director of Strategic operations, Mark Weaver. Some Multifamily owners and investors are not aware of the myriad of details required to “get it right” in terms of Right of Entry agreements, nor are they aware of the attached exchange between owners and providers for rights regarding wiring, marketing, and owner compensation.

Every building has a unique set of wires and technologies, every community has a unique set of service needs, every ownership group has a unique set of long- or short-term objectives, and every telecom provider has a unique set of claims and actual results. All of these items must be weighed accurately in order for stakeholders to make the right decision(s) for their community. CCNG serves stakeholders to ensure stakeholders have the most accurate, most specific, and most actionable intelligence and strategies with which to make the best decision.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Mark Weaver is no new name in the business world and can remember shaking hands with investors at only five years old. He currently serves as Cable Contract Negotiation Group’s (CCNG) Director of Strategic Operations. CCNG works on behalf of owners and investors on negotiation contracts with cable providers.
  • One issue Mark frequently encounters is owners who are unaware that they even have contracts with cable companies to begin with. Prior to doing business with them, CCNG helps owners and investors determine what they need by taking the time to educate them on cable contracts. According to Mark, the team is happy to speak with and notify owners at no expense to them.
  • CCNG discusses contracts with multifamily owners in order to maximize revenue and increase profitability. Although Mark and the CCNG team are not attorneys, they have a deep understanding of the telecom industry and the legalese used in their contracts.
  • In order to help owners and investors avoid legal difficulties and the trouble that comes with not understanding the risks in a contract, CCNG will also work with attorneys to familiarize them with the terminology that many telecom organizations employ in their contracts.
  • The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules have recently been altered, and many multifamily investors are unaware of when they must obtain FCC approval. CCNG is knowledgeable about FCC laws and, according to Mark, can potentially help their clients in avoiding costly legal battles with major cable corporations.
  • The easiest way to get in touch with Mark is via email at [email protected] or get in touch with any of the other CCNG specialists at

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Connect with Mark Weaver, Director of Strategic Operations at CCNG.

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