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Meet the Sponsors Series – TheGuarantors

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TheGuarantors’ products provide greater accessibility and protection for renters and property managers alike by helping renters qualify for the unit they want and by protecting property managers against default. 

Christy Metz, Senior Director at TheGuarantors, discusses this affordable substitute to a traditional security deposit that leaves cash in renters’ pockets.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Christy started her career in the multifamily industry more than 20 years ago, first as a supplier partner, and has now completely transitioned to the supplier side. After meeting Bob Schmidt in Chicago last year, he welcomed her into TheGuarantor’s team to help establish an enterprise sales team.
  • Seven years ago, Schmidt, with his perspective on operations, and Julien Bonneville, with his perspective on renters, were able to collaborate to create what is now known as TheGuarantors.
  • Christy discusses how TheGuarantors provide insurance that guards against rent default and offers rental management a full month’s worth of rent protection via insurance against damages at no expense to the property management company.
  • When a property management company works with TheGuarantors, it can provide prospective residents conditional clearance after an initial screening rather than requiring them to obtain a co-signer or pay upfront costs. The renter is instead invited to re-qualify to reside at that community. Depending on the risk rating of the renter, the quantity of coverage required by the property for that specific screening result, and the amount of the rent, the cost of the policy can range from 15% to 80% of the rent.
  • Christy discusses the importance of having an ESG program in place because it opens up the opportunity to connect with residents on a deeper level. She says that renters place high value on a brand that offers them a second chance at secure housing.
  • Christy is eager to expand her network at the 2022 Multifamily Women® Summit by getting in touch with  other professional women in the field and reconnecting with colleagues she hasn’t seen in a while. She is thrilled to work for a business that values women in leadership positions and in an industry that is constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.

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Connect with Christy Metz, Senior Director at TheGuarantors

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