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Redefining Affordable: Jenna Juniper on the Transformation of Low-Income Housing

In this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcasthost Carrie Antrim chats with Jenna Juniper, a National Speaker, Housing Consultant, Trainer, and President at Housing Consultants of America, LLC. Jenna shares her 16-year track record of successfully facilitating partnerships between nonprofits and developers to drive the implementation of crucial services for low-income properties across the nation.

Jenna’s passion for affordable housing and expertise in compliance has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a premier affordable housing expert. Tune in to hear Jenna’s unique story and what sparked her interest in affordable housing. Plus, don’t forget to grab your ticket for the upcoming Multifamily Women® Summit for a chance to meet industry experts and boost your business’s success.

In today’s episode, Jenna leads us through the transformative world of modern affordable housing, challenging longstanding stereotypes and perceptions. Gone are the days of run-down, unattractive multifamily properties. Today’s affordable housing units stand as testaments to innovation, beauty, and design. Join us as we dive deep into the renaissance of housing for those of modest means, and explore how these contemporary spaces are reshaping communities nationwide.

Impactful Quotes:
“But I will never forget that moment sitting there on the desk with the agent and she showed me my rent portion. It was less than $200 and it was just the weight lifted off my shoulders that I could finally focus on my career on just becoming more stable, going back to school. So Section 8 was my saving grace.”

“We really are trying to change mindset by showing the community, look what we can do. We can actually level up your community by bringing in Section 8 or an affordable property versus level down.”

[00:02:02] Jenna’s unique and personal journey to affordable housing.
[00:04:09] Revolutionizing affordable housing.
[00:09:21] Eco-friendly affordable housing.
[00:13:03] Micro-school and education within multifamily assets.
[00:17:43] Converting hotels into multifamily affordable housing.
[00:21:19] Motivation and impacting lives.
[00:26:06] Pursuing the affordable multifamily housing industry.
[00:29:33] Know your energy limits.

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