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Rent. targets first-time renters, connecting them to various types of rental properties to help them discover the right home that fits their needs.

Rent. connects properties with close to 50 million in-market home seekers per month through their network of listing sites. Using their proprietary data, properties can reach in-market renters with search ads, social ads and email marketing solutions that are powered by their marketplace.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Rent. has been on a journey; Kathy refers to it as a “50-year-old startup.” She has only been working for the business for five months, but in that time, it has undergone a complete redesign from its previous name, RentPath, which first concentrated on ILS listings.
  • With the new rebrand, Rent. has evolved into a more solutions-based business, expanding its suite to more effectively support address management, leasing, managing contracts with potential clients, and raising awareness through digital campaigns.
  • Kathy discusses how she is thrilled to be a part of a group that she feels goes beyond the standard client relationship. Kathy states that Rent. has improved client relations and created more opportunity for them to continue prioritizing the renter. She expresses excitement to be in this industry and claims that this is just the beginning for Rent.
  • This year, Kathy will attend the Multifamily Women® Summit for the first time, and she is delighted about the chance to invest in her career, which she sees as an opportunity for self care.

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Connect with Kathy Neumann, Chief Marketing Officer, Rent.

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